REV'IT! Seesoft Divided Chest Protector

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About This product

Seesoft Divided Chest Protector

The SEESOFT© Divided chest protector insert is designed to absorb variable impacts without compromising on comfort, ventilation or freedom of movement. The highly impact-resistant blend of Nitrille and Polynorbornene rubber results in a memory foam that can handle multiple impacts.

In the case of severe angular impact, the individual Memory foam layers will shift relative to one another, resulting in impact dispersion over a larger effective surface area, and therefore minimizing the energy that is transmitted to the rider. By applying a multiple-layer concept, REV'IT! has developed a flexible chest protector insert that performs consistently in all conditions.

  • Memory foam comprised of nitrille and polynorbornene rubber
  • Compatible with a select variety of Rev'IT! suits and jackets with appropriate chest pockets


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