Putting Perfection Into Protection

Discover REV’IT!’s revolutionary, in-house developed impact protection technology. From SEESOFT™ to the award-winning SEEFLEX™ to the amazing SEESMART™ series.

Challenging the Status Quo

We do things a little differently when we start up our product development trajectory, but it all begins with aiming high. We’re known for challenging the status quo, and we like to live up to that expectation. Let us take you on our journey that resulted in a family of REV’IT! protectors, tailor-made for the way you use your motorcycle.

SEESOFT™ Multiple Impact-Ready Without
Sacrificing Comfort

The time when motorcycle protectors were merely shock absorbers ended for us the day we started developing the first ever REV’IT! protector. In our case: SEESOFT™. Rather than letting the material do all the work, our SEESOFT™ protectors work intelligently by combining the characteristics of the material with a smart construction.

From the get-go, our new way of thinking allowed for extreme flexibility and great ventilation, while offering the highest CE-level 2 protection when SEESOFT™ debuted as a back protector in 2012.

Being perfect in terms of protecting larger surfaces of the body, we also developed our SEESOFT™ CE-level 1 divided chest protector that allows you to use your motorcycle jacket they way you are used to, knowing the chest area is well protected on both sides of the zipper.



Our R&D team certainly got a feel for developing impact protectors, something they demonstrated with the industry-rocking SEEFLEX™ family of limb protectors. Not a box was left unticked when looking at it from a CE approval point of view. But SEEFLEX™ offers so much more than just complying with the highest standard.

Debuting in our 2015 Adventure collection, SEEFLEX™ showed that comfort and protection can go hand-in-hand without any compromises. Tested and approved as CE-level 2 in both hot (T+) and cold (T-) conditions means the highest level of impact protection in all climates.

On top of being an industry first, SEEFLEX™ got attention outside of the industry from the day it was announced. Crowned with the prestigious RedDot Award as “Best of the Best,” it shows that at REV’IT! we truly live up to our core values Design, Performance and Innovation. It doesn’t happen every day that an object that is invisible when being used gets awarded with one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, and we couldn’t be prouder.



More than just a chip off the old block, SEESMART™ does share its DNA with the SEEFLEX™ family. Made from the same SEEFLEX2925 material, these protectors are developed to serve the safety-conscious, fashionable urbanite. The hexagonal construction takes care of impact energy in a smart way, meaning there is no need for bulk.

Because of that, these protectors follow the human anatomy, allowing our designers to create fashionable silhouettes for our Tailored Technology collection that can fool anyone into thinking they are looking at casual clothing when in fact it is 100% motorcycle ready.


Live your passion. We’re here to make that happen regardless of what you ride. Follow us and get inspired by REV’IT! riders all around the world.

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