The REV’IT! Racing Technology Center


In order to understand what maximum protection must look like, you need to test it to the limit. That’s why - since 2008 - we’ve been active in MotoGP; not just to build the best one-piece leather racing suits, but also to bring innovations to everyday motorcycle gear.

Enter the RRTC

To kick things into high gear, we created the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center. A mobile lab (of sorts) that allows us to analyze and gather feedback from riders alongside the track.

When the information is fresh in their minds, we take the comments of riders and use it to make tweaks and upgrades to already outstanding and world-class gear. Here’s how.

First-hand feedback

Since our first-ever MotoGP rider, Randy de Puniet - who’s still with us today - we’ve managed to turn the way a racing suit looks upside down. We’ve done this by relocating stitches, incorporating external protectors, and ensuring the ultimate freedom of movement. These are just a few aspects that were perfected since entering the pinnacle of motorsports.

The secret recipe? Translating the feedback from our riders into innovations that offer the highest level of real-life protection. In order to get as close to a one-on-one translation directly from the rider, our REV’IT! Racing Technology Center plays a crucial role.

More than meets the eye

Thumbs up from drivers on the highway for its appearance as a beautiful truck, our Racing Technology Center is actually a mobile part of our REV’IT! in-house laboratory. With our laboratory being driven by science, racing in MotoGP allows us to collect empirical data for innovations that were developed in-house while, the other way around, requests and ideas coming from the track are collected and taken back to our R&D department to develop further.

In order to make this workable inside the high-octane MotoGP paddock, the truck is set up in a two-story configuration, making sure it caters for the different needs that come with the desire to push the bar for motorcycle gear development.

Starting from the bottom

Upon arrival, our Racing Technology Center opens upwards, allowing for a two-story setup. Entered from the back, you’ll find yourself inside the technical area, where our racing service manager ensures all our riders are serviced to the highest level throughout the racing weekend.

When all goes to plan, this is where suits are dried, cleaned, checked, and equipped with new knee sliders, while the integrated airbag systems get recharged and checked before each session. When a weekend goes less fortunately for a rider, his suit may be in need of minor reparations which can be carried out on the spot thanks to the right equipment on board.

Beam me up

The top structure of our Racing Technology Center is there for a reason. With an almost clinically clean white technical area downstairs, the second floor acts a contrast by being carried out in predominantly dark colors. A contrast for a reason, as this easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic allows for in-depth conversations with riders and their management when discussing future partnerships to strengthen our rider base.
Working with some of the best riders in the world, to us, is more than putting our shield logo on their backs. It’s also about welcoming them into our rider base and welcoming them as a REV’IT! family member. And that’s why the second floor of our Racing Technology Center is carried out in a similar style to our headquarters and showrooms around the world. Because if you like what we do on the paddock, you’ll feel right at home when visiting one of our hubs as can be told by our annual rider visit.

Racing spirit in a relaxed atmosphere

Aside from an upstairs office that allows for in-depth conversations with stakeholders within the paddock area, the top floor also holds space for relaxation. Firstly, there’s the “Riders lounge,” which allows our riders to retreat from the hectic paddock - or to try to beat other rider’s high score on the Playstation!

The center part of the top floor is carried out in a lounge-like setting similar to what you’ll find in our showrooms. Comfortable seating, a well-stocked bar, and enough screens to ensure not an inch of the track and race is missed. As a whole, the proven combination of a dedicated technical department and a space that allows for a clear mind makes up for our Racing Technology Center inside the MotoGP Paddock.

Paint it black

Those familiar with our identity won’t be surprised to see the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center carried out in black and white. Staying true to our hues, it stands out in the colorful world called MotoGP, which at the same time, brings tranquility into a hectic world. Built from the ground up, the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center’s architecture is in line with the brand new REV’IT! headquarters.

It contributes to its purpose as a detachable hub from our in-house laboratory both technically as well as aesthetically. To make sure our way of moving around in the paddock is in line with our physical presence, our Racing Service Manager moves around on the incredibly lightweight Rizoma Metropolitan Bike, making sure our riders are serviced in a speedy and sustainable way.


Live your passion. We’re here to make that happen regardless of what you ride. Follow us and get inspired by REV’IT! riders all around the world.

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