Adventure Country Tracks x REV’IT!


A Medium for Motorcycle Travel

In the spirit of making adventures happen, REV’IT! has partnered up with the like-minded people at Adventure Country Tracks; a non-profit organization that’s taken on the challenge to both establish and maintain on- and off-road routes and tracks across Europe.

Make Adventures Happen

So, whatever your reason was to not go on that tour you’ve been dreaming of, or if planning a trip seems like too much of any undertaking, we’re here to take those barriers away so you can get out and enjoy. And we’re leaving it to the professionals.

Sustainable Motorcycle Travel

There’s nothing quite like exploring the great outdoors on two wheels. Departing the city, leaving the beaten path behind, breathing in the fresh air, and soaking up incredible sceneries and views. It’s a kind of sensation both we at REV’IT! and the Adventure Country Tracks crew feel everyone should be able to experience – a mutual desire that’s at the heart of our Adventure Country Tracks x REV’IT! collaboration. ACT’s mission is to provide free GPS routes and offer all the necessary information to go out and ride some of the most breathtaking tracks in off-road dream destinations like Portugal, Italy, and Greece.

But Adventure Country Tracks is about more than just showing you the way; it’s about promoting and advocating responsible, as well as sustainable motorcycle travel. Getting riders to understand how to make the most of adventure traveling and educating them on how to preserve it for coming generations to experience. A cause both admirable and noble, and in-tune with our values at REV’IT!, joining forces made total sense. Hence the Adventure Country Tracks x REV’IT! collaboration.

The Need to Act

When Adventure Country Tracks first started in 2016, a group of Touratech employees from Germany and Portugal took it upon themselves to not just help other people experience exploring the beauty of the Portuguese backcountry, but also help maintain and preserve it as they went. You could say ACT felt the need to act.

From the first ACT project in Portugal, Adventure Country Tracks has been rapidly expanding operations to Greece, and started projects to launch tracks in Romania, Italy, and across the Pyrenees, with more to come in the near future as the ACT organization grows and gains traction.

Dreams Come True, Free of Charge

Best of all, the GPS routes, all the ride information, and photo and video archives Adventure Country Tracks offers are available free of charge. The organization amasses funding from local tourist boards, a range of respected partner companies from across the motorcycle industry, and supporting ACT Members and donators.

There’s no commercial goal to the Adventure Country Tracks projects. It’s all about giving you access to incredible tracks and routes, and paving the way for sustainable adventure riding. So you can go out and make your adventure travel dreams come true, and supporting the motorcycle travel community and local tourism development in the process.

Get Out and Ride

Find out more about the incredible work Adventure Country Tracks does – and why – and where adventure might take you by visiting their website. Click here to visit.

ACT Pyrenees

We went along on the ACT Pyrenees route with #revitriders Roderik & Teresa. ACT Pyrenees is a long and spectacular trip along the entire length of the Pyrenees, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. The starting point is at Cap de Creus on the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, finishing in the Basque town of San Sebastián on the Atlantic coast after five stages and a total of 1,160 kilometers of adventure roads.

What can you expect from this trip? A mix of winding roads on smooth tarmac and amazing dirt roads with seemingly infinite and constantly changing landscapes, as you’re riding atop the mountains. On these five stages, you will go back and forth across the border between Spain, France, and Andorra a total of eight times. Get a glimpse of this unforgettable experience.


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