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01-04-2019 Corporate

It all started back in 2001 when we decided to redefine how motorcycle apparel should be engineered and constructed. This new design direction turned into a philosophy: Engineered skin


Reallocating Seams

Once upon a time, motorcycle garments were built almost like regular fashion items. Straight seams running down the length of the leg, arms and sides. Seams that also were located at areas you would deem to be high-risk areas in case of a crash. Instead of looking at how these seams could be reinforced, we started by relocating them away from these high-risk areas.


REV’IT! developed the unique Engineered skin® design method to improve the fit and performance of motorcycle safety apparel. The result is an ergonomic, pre-shaped product that is capable of handling extreme pressure and offers the best balance of protection and comfort.

REV’IT! began developing its Engineered skin® design method back in 2001, when it set out to improve the functional performance of materials by relocating seams outside and away from high-impact risk zones. This innovative concept further evolved with advances in 3D design, new patterns and construction techniques.


In the continuous search to improve techniques and materials, over the years, REV’IT! has led the field in developing smart and innovative products.

Today, the principles of Engineered skin® can be found in almost every item REV’IT! develops. This indicates our commitment to safety, quality and design. Engineered skin® has already made a significant mark on the motorcycle clothing industry, and this dynamic design philosophy will continue to influence future REV’IT! product development for years to come. Always evolving, always improving – Engineered skin® is part of our DNA.

Tailored Technology

The Tailored Technology philosophy combines our years of experience and deep-rooted technical knowledge with our abiding love for fashion and design. The Tailored Technology concept incorporates essential road protection and functional details into REV’IT!’s stylish and elegant urban collection.


All REV’IT! products are designed following the Engineered skin® philosophy that consists of three core principles; safety, functionality, design. The urban collection, however, is created according to the Tailored Technology design credo, which uses the same REV’IT! core principles, albeit with a different priority; one that puts design first, flowed by safety and functionality. All three principles are equally important in both philosophies; only the sequence in which they are applied and the vision per design differs.

Products with the Tailored Technology label are designed to enable the wearer to seamlessly integrate into an urban environment. Products that at first glance look like regular fashion pieces, yet with cleverly disguised safety and functional features. These products provide both safety and comfort without sacrificing style. The result is a truly unique range of motorcycle clothing that is as sophisticated and stylish as it is functional and safe.



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