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The sky’s the limit with a complete range of technical riding wear. Handle any situation Mother Nature sends your way, with gear designed for any woman who wants to ride far and free.

Bold Gear For the Boundless

Pioneering ladies have always faced challenges and flown against the winds. Like legendary aviator, Amelia Earheart, our Women’s Adventure Team riders are up to the task of pushing boundaries and paving new paths... with the help of our female-specific adventure gear.

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself”

The journey is its own reward, but only if you’re comfortable enough to enjoy it. We sent two of our Women’s Team riders to tackle the twists and turns that flow through Northern California’s Redwood Forest; testing two adventure suits along the way - the Neptune GTX Ladies and the Horizon 2 Ladies.

At points, they encountered slick pavement, low visibility and damp conditions, but the fit and technology in our women’s-specific gear let them ride through it all. Whatever the expedition calls for, REV’IT! has female riders covered.

Between the security of the laminated hydratex® waterproof outer shell of the Horizon 2, or the versatility of the multi-layer insulation and detachable GORE-TEX membrane of the Neptune GTX, our Ladies Adventure Collection provides the function and protection adventurers need to battle - and enjoy - the elements along the way.

Looking for the Perfect Companion

Neptune GTX Ladies Jacket

The Neptune GTX Ladies jacket is 100% geared towards motorcycling. We are not trying to make it look like anything else other than a competent piece of riding gear specifically designed for the female rider.

Horizon 2 Ladies Jacket

The Horizon 2 Ladies jacket has been developed for serious female touring riders from the ground up, ensuring the ideal feminine fit and all-weather performance.

Neptune GTX Ladies Trousers

The Neptune GTX Ladies trousers are all about versatility. These are your go-to trousers regardless of the conditions. Warm, hot, cold, wet. You name it. They’re ready.

Horizon 2 Ladies Trousers

The Horizon 2 Ladies trousers echo the same theme as its jacket namesake. This means they’re 100% waterproof and ready for the long haul. All-weather performance comes standard along with a female-specific fit.

Drifter 3 H2O Ladies Gloves

Commute in comfort no matter the weather with the Drifter 3 H20 Ladies glove.

Neutron 3 Ladies Gloves

Designed for the passionate female rider who demands nothing less than the highest quality and functionality, the Neutron 3 Ladies summer gloves are purpose-built for comfort and protection.

Chevak GTX Ladies Gloves

These technical winter touring gloves are understated in style but serious in protection against the road and the elements.

Factor 4 Ladies Pants

The Discovery H2O boots are designed for motorcyclists who need the best of everything: stability, safety, durability, comfort and flexibility. Never compromise. And we don’t let you.


“There's more to life Than Being a Passenger”

The joys of exploration by motorcycle is a beautiful thing, whether it’s from the rider’s seat, or the pillion. It can be nice to relax from the back seat as you move through the scenery, but there really is nothing like taking the reins yourself. As a female rider, you defy convention; stereotypes of only being a passive passenger get left in the dust. Not only do you enjoy the scenery, you become part of it - you are what the other tourists look at when you ride past.

The literal bond between a rider and motorcycle is lived through the bike’s controls. Harnessing this connection, especially while braving foul weather, is the key to taking command of your adventure. Women’s-specific fit found in REV’IT! adventure gear, like the Crater WSP Ladies Gloves, are a critical component to taking the ride into your own hands. State of the art footwear tech like the Boa® closure system found in our Discovery H2O boots allow for a comfortable, rugged, yet seamless interaction between pilot and motorcycle foot controls.

“No borders, Just Horizons - Only Freedom”

Liberty is empowering but having the freedom to go anywhere also means being prepared for anything. Venturing into the vast unknown is a beautifully romantic prospect, but with it comes the possibility of exposure and vulnerability and ever-changing conditions. Versatility is the key to being ready.

Outerwear and covering your extremities are crucial, of course, but these are dependent on keeping your core warm and secure. Layering is a vital part of comfort and REV’IT! strives to stay at the forefront of it in terms of offering female-specific garments seen in our Fall/Winter 2018 Adventure collection. The aptly named Core mid layer jacket, combined with our Sky or Airborne base layer products, will provide the adaptability needed for any adventure.

The Alternatives

Discover the complete Women's Collection

We’re adding a few great styles to an already extensive collection of women's motorcycle gear. Our range consists of entry-level basics for occasional riders to high-tech offerings for heavy users.

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Wash & Care

We get a lot of questions about how to maintain your favorite piece of motorcycle gear. Whether your item is made of leather or textile or has GORE-TEX technology, follow our wash and care instructions to keep them in top shape.

How to take care of your Rev'it! Product

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